DAEMON 3 Collectible Series Art License




DAEMON Project is pleased to define and announce DAEMON 3 Collectible Series Art License.



Purpose of DAEMON 3 Collectible Series Art License

 To protect the rights and interests of NFT holders.



DAEMON 3 Collectible Series Art License applies to

 Hereinafter, unless otherwise noted, references to "NFT" or "NFTs" shall refer to  NFTs belonging to DAEMON 3 Collectible Series.



Basic Rules

  Secondary works of DAEMON 3 Collectible Series are prohibited.

  However, commercial use shall be permitted based on certain rules.

  Based on these basic rules, the art license for DAEMON 3 Collectible Series shall be as  follows.



Rights of NFT holders

 You are free to do the following acts with respect to NFTs in your possession.

  Reproduce and share in any media or platform. *①

  Original artwork (reproductions) may be used for commercial or non-commercial purposes,  up to the threshold of $1,000,000 USD in cumulative earnings.*②

  *① Appropriate credit must be given to DAEMON Project.

  No credit notation is required for use as an icon for social networking sites.

  *② Only the owner of the NFT may use the original NFT as is.

 Under no circumstances may anyone other than the owner of the NFT use (or reproduce) the original for

 commercial or non-utilitarian purposes.



How to indicate credit for DAEMON 3 Collectible Series

  When publishing or offering DAEMON 3 Collectible Series NFT, please indicate the  DAEMON Project's credit in a location that is easily visible to viewers.

  We recommend the notation "Licensed by DAEMON Project" or "Empowered by  DAEMON Project".



Art License Usage Examples

 The following usage examples are assumed. (However, cumulative earnings are  limited).

 NFT owners produce and sell NFT art T-shirts and other merchandise.




However, the following uses are not allowed

 Produce and sell T-shirts or other merchandise using designs, etc. included in NFT art that  he/she does not own for a period of 70 years from the date of issue of each Collective  NFT. However, private use (personal or household use, or other similar  limited use) is  permitted.


 Publication for the purpose of defaming other NFT projects.



Contacting DAEMON project regarding use is not required, as long as it does not violate this license.



This license is subject to revision in the future.



Date of publication February 1, 2023