2024/06/10 Notice of NFT reissue(X).

2023/05/19 Meet the NFT in the art overview.

2023/04/19 In response to the DAEMON PROJECT, a Japanese article has been pre-published on NOTE.

2023/03/23 DAEMON Museum(in cryptovoxels)Museums updated(186 works on display).

2023/03/08 DAEMON space(in cryptovoxels)DAEMON space published.

2023/03/07 DAEMON Museum(in cryptovoxels)Museums updated(36 works on display).

2023/03/04 NFT ART GALLERY(in cryptovoxels)NFT ART GALLERY(movie) published.

2023/03/04 DAEMON Museum(in cryptovoxels)DAEMON Museum published.

2023/03/04 DAEMON PROJECT art siteWebsite published.